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Flower Show Fever

Flower Show Fever is spreading across Plantation Lakes, as garden club members begin to review the "Celebrate Spring" Flower Show schedule that they received at our February Meeting. There is much to learn... but the truth is that flower show is just as much about learning and working together with each other to prepare as it is about the flowers and plants.

Helping with the "learning" aspect of Flower Show,, Sandra Lopez was our February program presenter this month. Sandra is a member of Gardeners by the Sea and their Horticulture Classifications Chair for the Virtual Vacation theme of their flower show last June. She is a prolific exhibitor and ribbon winner, and spoke to PLGC members from that perspective.

Our March program will also be all about flower shows, but from a different perspective. The credentials Chair and Flower Show Schedule Chair of Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, Dottie Howatt, will present a program on flower show design. Rumor has it that she will make a design based on each of the four classes in our upcoming flower show.

March 7 is a meeting you do not want to miss!

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