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3 Easy Steps for Making a Wreath with Live Greens

Plantation Lakes Garden Club members include many novice gardeners, or at least people who have never before belonged to a garden club. Activities that are decades-long traditions for many garden clubs a brand new experience for many of us in Plantation Lakes.

Take wreath-making, for example. It turns out there are basically just three steps:

1) Collect or purchase assorted greens and accessories.

2) Create bouquets by wiring together assorted greens and accessories.

3) Attach the small bouquets to the wreath frame.

That's it folks... it's really easy. You can do it! (Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of supplies you will need))


  1. Assorted live greens and accessories of your choice

  2. Wreath frame - available at most craft stores and even the Dollar Tree

  3. Floral wire - for creating the bouquets and attaching them to the wreath frame

  4. Pruning shears - for trimming the branches

  5. Optional bow - make or purchase a large bow in advance (attach with floral wire to the finished wreath)

When wreath-making is finished, you will probably have greens left over for making indoor and outdoor holiday decorations. Enjoy!

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