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New Delaware Garden Clubs Website home page

Welcome to the new official website for Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs. went live on September 1, just six weeks after I was drafted by DFGC Lisa Arni for the role of planning, building, formatting, writing content, taking and finding pictures, and endless tweaking and polishing. Thank goodness for many years of experience working with professional website developers who created several generations of real estate websites for my business, using my content and photos. Who could have imagined that someday I would put that experience to work creating a website for a state garden club?

There are 43 pages of content divided into two areas: The home page that is pictured above represents the area that contains content for the public and DFGC members (public). When members use the Member Login button in the header, it will take them to the second area, which features information that DFGC members need to conduct garden club business.

Rather than read about the website, please visit and perhaps post a link to it on your personal Facebook page. That will help to spread the word about the new website name and content.

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