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More than a Plant Sale!

Plant Sale PLUS on September 23

This is only our second fall plant sale, but we're already turning this into so much more. That's why we're calling it the PLGC Expo and Plant Sale.

Why, What, Who... is this "Expo" thing all about? Let me explain.. When you come to our Plant Sale at the Plantation Lakes Community Center on September 21, you will have an opportunity to purchase fabulous fall mums in 9" pots, colorful pansies in 6" pots, spring-blooming pink tulip bulbs and sunny yellow daffodil bulbs for fall planting. But that's not all...

Plantation Lakes Garden Club will host an art exhibit by local artists, organized by our own talented Plantation Lakes artist, Doris Nilson. She will be on hand and some of the artists may be, as well.

Two or three Sussex County Master Gardeners will be available to answer your gardening questions, so bring that diseased-looking leaf from your shrubbery. Chances are good that a master gardener can diagnose the problem, recommend a cure, and tell you how to avoid it in the future.

The limited edition Plantation Lakes notecards that sold out during our spring plant sale will be available again at this event. Six notecards featuring photos taken in Plantation Lakes are priced at 6 for $5. These same notecards will not be available again after this plant sale.

You will also have an opportunity to meet some Plantation Lakes Garden Club members and learn about our projects through signage and information handouts. This actually was the original reason that we called our sale of fall plants the PLGC Expo and Plant Sale, but now it is so much more!

We'll be there rain or shine, so please stop by the Plantation lakes Community Center on Saturday, September 23, between 1-4 p.m. Our plants are nursery quality and our prices are competitive with those in smaller pots at most local nurseries and box stores.

You know you're going to buy mums and pansies... Please buy them from us and support our efforts to improve the patient garden at Atlantic Shores Rehab and Health Center, recognize veterans at the Delaware Veterans hospital with flower arrangements in November, purchase trees for Delaware Botanic Gardens, and support reforestation efforts that will be necessary in Texas and Louisiana after all the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

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