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5 Reasons to Use a Rain Barrel

Using a rain barrel just makes sense!

  1. Reduce your water and wastewater bills by collecting water in your rain barrel to use on your lawn and plants.

  2. Control moisture levels around the foundation of your home.

  3. Prevent rainwater runoff in your yard.

  4. Protect our rivers, lakes, and streams from runoff pollution.

  5. Save water during the hot dry months of summer.

Did you know that 1/4 inch of rain on an average roof is equal to three full rain barrels?

Ideally, you should have a rain barrel for each downspout of your home, as permitted by the Plantation Lakes Homeowners Association (HOA)

You must submit an application to the HOA for approval prior to installing your rain barrel, so pick up an application at the Plantation Lakes Community Center.

The pictured rain barrel was HOA-approved, and you can see that it is an attractive feature in the homeowner's yard.

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