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Beautifying our Extended Community

Atlantic Shores Rehabilitation and Health Center in Millsboro, Delaware, has two beautiful garden areas - but there were no flowers to be seen anywhere during our fall visit to the facility. Photos taken in early May confirmed that this was a garden without any flowers, so Plantation Lakes Garden Club decided to do something about that.

Step One was to provide some color for the patients to enjoy through that big window you see in the background of this photo.

Three of our members potted eighteen geraniums from our Spring Plant Sale and they were delivered to Activities Director Brenda Zullo a few days later for placement in the two gardens. Patients watching through the windows were delighted at this makeover! One of the patients has volunteered to water the plants regularly and a garden club member will stop by weekly to deadhead the plants and fertilize them as needed.

Step Two will take place in fall, when we plant some perennials to provide annual color throughout Spring and Summer next year. We might even put a few mums in those pots while we're there.

If you have occasion to visit anyone at Atlantic Shores, be sure to peak out into the garden and enjoy the flowers!

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