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All About Floral Designs

The March meeting of Plantation Lakes Garden Club was all about floral designs.

Ginger Esposito presented a wonderful program at our March meeting. "Chase Away the Winter Blues" was a demonstration of several different floral design tips and techniques. Everyone enjoyed it, and I suspect we will be turning to her for other programs in the upcoming years. Thank you, Ginger!

Another feature of this meeting was the floral design segment, when two members each exhibited a reflective design. A reflective design is described very simply as a floral design with a reflective element.

Mary Wlliford is pictured here describing the components of her design. The design on the left was created by Margaret Woda.

Floral design is just one of the five areas of interest that are supported by our members. The others are home gardening, community beautification, horticulture, and conservation.

Photos: Sylvia Heidbreder


Thinking about joining a garden club? Just click on the "About" tab at the top of this page to find out how to become a member of Plantation Lakes Garden Club. Plantation Lakes is a member of the Delaware Federation of Garden Cubs and National Garden Clubs, Inc.

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