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Fancy Floral Photography

Sylvia Heidbreder is the official photographer and historian for Plantation Lakes Garden Club, and this photo of our February floral exhibits is just spectacular. Don't you agree? Thank you, Sylvia!

These beautiful floral design exhibits were created by Betty Baeschlin, Tina Latshaw, and Linda Olenick. Their assignment was to create a small design in a teacup, to be displayed on top of a 13-inch tall clear glass cylinder.

Betty's design contained colorful flowers that picked up the beautiful colors in her teacup. Tina gave an elegant and timely nod to Valentine's Day with her red roses and baby's breath in a simple white cup. Linda created a colorful design that carried the white of her cup into the floral design with baby's breath. Great job, ladies!

Weren't they lucky to have Sylvia on hand to capture their masterpieces in her masterpiece?

'Love the members of this garden club! They are a constant source of inspiration with their talent and creativity.

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