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Intro to Flower Shows

The words "flower show" seemed to make everyone in Plantation Lakes Garden Club just a little nervous. As a brand new club, many of our members are beginners in the world of garden clubs, and very few have even attended a flower show - let alone participated in one.

Along came Dottie Howatt, our January presenter of a program on flower shows. . .

She literally set up a mini flower show for us, with a sample floral design in each of three design classes and six exhibits in two horticulture classes. She shared with us a program created by another club for their first flower show, and offered to mentor our members for their very first flower show. PLGC members seemed more than willing, by the end, to accept her challenge to have a flower show in 2017-2018.

Dottie Howatt, NGC Judges Council Chairman 2017-2019 Photo by Sylvia Heidbreder

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