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Three Garden Club Myths De-Bunked

There are many reasons why folks may hesitate to join a garden club, and many of them are myths. Here are a few examples, along with some facts to be-bunk them.

MYTH: Garden club is for gardeners.

Plantation Lakes Garden Club is for anyone who wants to meet their neighbors, learn gardening practices that will help to improve their lawn and garden, develop new skills, beautify and serve their community, discover new ways to preserve the environment for our kids and grandkids... and more.

Members bring their own unique knowledge and skills to garden club and share them with each other. We have a lot of fun!

MYTH: Garden club requires a big time commitment.

Plantation Lakes Garden Club meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month, September to June, and members are required to attend five meetings each year. This means that you can spend four or five months at your condo in Florida every year and still participate in garden club. You can miss a meeting for a doctor's appointment or other schedule conflict. Your time commitment to garden club is within your control.

Each member is also required to participate in one committee - and this may be a role that involves a busy committee that meets all year or it could be one that you can handle on your own time, without any committee meetings, such as Sunshine Chair who sends greeting cards or flowers when appropriate. There is a role for everyone, even those with a dozen other time commitments.

MYTH. I have nothing to contribute to garden club because I don't have a green thumb.

This may be the greatest myth of all! Are you a great party planner who could help organize the fundraisers that support our community service projects, for example. You may have technology skills that could translate into maintaining our website or producing our newsletter. Do you have an accounting background that would qualify you to be our Treasurer. Etc., Etc., Etc. Having a green thumb is not a condition of membership in Plantation Lakes Garden Club!

While sharing your own unique skills and interests, you will have an opportunity to socialize with your neighbors, learn some new skills, and get involved in our community.

Yes, men are encouraged to join Plantation Lakes Garden Club (and we hope to have a youth division in the future). We invite everyone who lives in Plantation Lakes to check us out by exploring the pages of our website and attending one or more of our meetings as a guest.

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