PLGC Projects 2020-2021


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PLGC members beautify two courtyard gardens at Atlantic Shores Rehab & Health Center each spring and fall by providing potted annuals and weeding, planting and mulching the beds.

NOTE: Due to statewide COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, some projects have been cancelled or revised for the 2020-2021 garden club year. Changes are noted in the project description, if applicable.

Archiving Our Accomplishments - NGC Project

As one of the first organizations in Plantation Lakes, archiving the accomplishments of our club is important for documenting the history of the community as well as our club. Photos taken by our club photographer and other members are preserved in a digital file and published bi-ennially in a hardbound photo book. This NGC Project is chaired by Sylvia Heidbreder.

Atlantic Shores Rehab & Health Center - Patient Activities 

Patients at Atlantic Shores benefit from gardening-themed activities conducted by some of our members several times a year. The Activities Director at the facility collaborates with our committee chair to plan these activities and occasionally asks our members to assist with Atlantic Shores events. Our club members enjoy this project as much as the Atlantic Shores patients, and we always look forward to the next event. Mary Balasi coordinates our garden therapy activities at Atlantic Shores.

Statewide COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines currently prevent this project from taking place.

Atlantic Shores Rehab & Health Center - Garden Renewal

Patients and staff at Atlantic Shores enjoy the potted and planted flowers provided in their two patient gardens by Plantation Lakes Garden Club members. We are currently working on a long-range plan for the gardens that will include perennials and flowering shrubs to provide ongoing color and aroma throughout the growing season. Janet Parham and Brenda Joyce are co-chairs of this project.


Since garden access is available only from the facility interior, statewide COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines currently prevent access to the gardens. As an alternative, the Committee did provide seasonal container plants to dress up the area in front of the building where some patients are able to meet with family members.

Blue Star Memorial and Garden - NGC Project

The Millsboro Blue Star Memorial was our very first project, selected even before PLGC became a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs. Our founding members wanted to honor veterans and service members from our very first gathering in January 2016.  We are very excited to now have this project under construction in front of the Plantation Lakes Community Center and we expect to dedicate the Blue Star Memorial and Garden in 2021. There is s page on this website that links to this project: Blue Star Memorial

Community Beautification - May Basket Display

The community of Plantation Lakes is dressed up for Spring on May Day, when PLGC members and participating non-members display a May Basket of fresh flowers in front of our homes. The goal of this project is to beautify our community "one front door at a time." Betty Baeschlin chairs this project.


The May Basket workshop for new members and non-members scheduled prior to May Day to encourage participation was canceled due to statewide COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.

Community Beautification - Plant Sales

Plantation Lakes is a new community with a continual influx of new residents who are eager to beatify their yards and gardens. We collaborate with Lakeside Garden Center in Laurel, Delaware, to purchase spring and fall plants at wholesale prices for resale to residents of our community. This PLGC community beautification project and fundraiser is chaired by Ways & Means Committee Chair Debbie Darr.


While the spring plant sale was cancelled, we did hold a "carry-out" plant sale, with online orders and deliveries to customers cars.

Dedicated to Delaware  

This is DFGC's President Connie Raymond's three-part project for the 2019-2021 term. PLGC supports enhancements to the Welcome Center Garden at First State Heritage Park in Dover, Delaware, and the Children's Garden at Brecknock Park in Camden, Delaware, through financial contributions. We support the projects' statewide anti-littering campaign through public education in our community regarding plastics pollution, the topic of one of our programs during the 2019-2021 garden club year. The topic of our 2020 Lecture series was Delaware Recycling.

Our Salute to Veterans - Floral Design 

Members and guests at our November meeting each make two or three small patriotic-themed flower arrangements for donation to Veteran patients at local health care facilities and home-bound Veterans through the Cheer Center in Georgetown, Delaware. Gale Harley is project chair.


Due to statewide COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, this project did not take place in November 2020. However, committee members did make a large patriotic arrangement for the lobby desk for staff and residents' enjoyment.

Penny Pines - NGC Project

Penny Pines helps to refresh areas damaged by fire or natural disaster, such as the recent California fires or flooding Texas and Florida. All of our members support this project by donating loose change at each meeting, and we have made several Penny Pines contributions in 2020. This NGC Project is chaired by Marie Van Der Wall.

Plant America NGC Project

Our members support this NGC project through our garden renewal project at Atlantic Shores Rehab & Health Center, participation in TREE-mendous Delaware Tree Planting at Delaware Botanic Gardens and through at least one program at a meeting during each garden club year. There are two programs this year that promote planting - One on houseplants presented by East Coast Garden Center and another presented by the Plantation Lakes Golf Course Superintendent regarding a healthy lawn. 

Plant It Pink - Community Service Project

Plant It Pink is an NGC project that promotes breast cancer awareness and education. PLGC members conduct a sale of pink tulip bulbs at a community-wide breast cancer charity weekend that involves a run/walk, raffle and golf tournament. Proceeds of sale for the bulbs are donated to Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. This NGC Project is chaired by Laurie Walsh.

Due to statewide COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, this community event did not take place in 2020. Plans are underway for this event in 2021.

Public Education

Our 4th annual PLGC Expo took place at the fall plant sale in September 2019, where we introduced our non-member neighbors to Plantation Lakes Garden Clubs activities through photos, displays and handouts. At this annual event we promote the objectives of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, as well as our own, invite new residents to attend one of our meetings and post information about our upcoming public events. This activity is a group effort involving several members of the Ways & Means Committee.


Due to statewide COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, the community center was closed in September 2020 We intend to continue this project when the situation changes.

TREE-mendous Delaware Tree Planting - DFGC and NGC PLANT AMERICA Project

This Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs project was awarded the NGC Award of Excellence at the annual NGC Convention in Philadelphia in 2018. PLGC members raised $1300 to date (July 1, 2019) toward the purchase of trees in the Woodland area of Delaware Botanic Gardens. Some of our members volunteer at the garden and our President created promotional print materials for the project, which are available on for download by all DFGC members to distribute in their own local areas. Project Chair Marie Van Der Wall chairs the fundraising effort for this project. PLGC contributed $300 to TREE-mendous Delaware Tree Planting, January-October 2020.