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PLGC Photos

Archiving Our Accomplishments 2017-2018

Archiving our Accomplishments is an ongoing project of  National Garden Clubs, Inc.. This digital photo album is one element of our efforts to do just that!  We also created a hardbound photo album for the period February 2016 - March 2017, as a record of our first year. Future hardbound albums will coincide with the two-year term of each Executive Board, which runs from the first Wednesday of April in odd-numbered years through the first Wednesday of April in the next odd-numbered year.

It's All About Veterans & Our Salute to Veterans

Photos by Sylvia Heidbreder, Pat Minnigh and Margaret Woda

Atlantic Shores Patient Gardens & Patient Activity

Photos by Sylvia Heidbreder and Jan Pallas-Dudley

PLGC Expo and Fall Plant Sale 2018

Photos by Sylvia Heidbreder, Margaret Woda, Debbie Darr

2020.05.01 Camacho05.jpg

Eco-Tour of Nearby Inland Waterways, June 6, 2018

Photos by Sylvia Heidbreder, Margaret Woda, Pat Minnigh

NGC Small Standard Flower Show, May 19, 2018

Photos by Sylvia Heidbreder, Margaret Woda, Pat Minnigh

May Day, 2018

Photos by Sylvia Heidbreder

Wreath Workshop, December 2017
Photos by Margaret Woda

Holiday Luncheon, December 2017
Photos: Sylvia Heidbreder

Atlantic Shores Garden Therapy, November 2017
Photos: Margaret Woda
Our Salute to Veterans, November 2017
Photos: Sylvia Heidbreder

Trap Pond Boat Tour

Photos: Sylvia Heidbreder

Atlantic Shores Patient Gardens, September 2017

Photos: Margaret Woda

2017 Fall Expo and Plant Sale, September 2017

Photos: Sylvia Heidbreder

Virtual Garden Tour, June 2017
Photos: Betty Baeschlin, Marie Van Der Wall, Debbie Darr, Sylvia Heidbreder,
 Tina Latshaw, Jonnie Mann, Mary Williford and Margaret Woda
Atlantic Shores Project, May 2017
Photos: Margaret Woda
Spring Plant Sale, May 2017
Photos: Sylvia Heidbreder, Debbie Darr and Margaret Woda
May Baskets 2017
Photos: Sylvia Heidbreder

Officer Installation, April 2017

Photos: Sylvia Heidbreder

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