PLGC Monthly Exhibits

Three members of Plantation Lakes Garden Club provide a horticulture or design exhibit at each monthly meeting, unless the meeting is held at a location other than the Plantation Lakes Community Center. 

This activity is a learning experience for attendees and exhibitors and helps to prepare members for exhibiting in and/or attending NGC flower shows. Members participate in a lottery drawing in Spring to select a month to exhibit BEFORE the exhibit descriptions are determined.

The General Rules and Monthly Exhibit Schedule are published in our yearbook, distributed by email over the preceding summer, and posted to our website for reference. 



General Rules for Monthly Exhibits

  1. Unless otherwise specified, exhibit will be staged in a space that is 24 inches wide by 30 inches deep; displayed on a 30 inch high table covered with a dark green table cloth. 

  2. An NGC entry card for every exhibit should be filled out in advance and, if handwritten, should be in pencil or water-proof pen to avoid water damage. 

  3. Horticulture exhibits must be grown by the exhibitor. Binomial name of plant(s) must be identified on entry card for horticulture.

  4. Design exhibits do not require plant material be grown by the exhibitor. Common name of plant material may be identified on the entry card for design; scientific (binomial) name is optional.

  5. Design exhibitor shall provide an unruled white card with the name of plant material(s) used, design type, a title and brief description of the design.

  6. If an exhibitor is unable to fulfill an assignment, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide a replacement exhibitor.

  7. No artificial flowers, foliage, fruits or vegetables are permitted unless specified in the exhibit schedule.

  8. No plant material may be treated, painted or dried unless specified in the exhibit schedule.

  9. No accessories or underlay are permitted unless specified in the exhibit schedule.

  10. Cut horticulture exhibits shall be displayed in a clear glass bottle of appropriate size, unless specified in the exhibit schedule.

Monthly Exhibit Schedule

SEPTEMBER Horticulture Exhibit

"A Flower from My Garden"

A blooming cut flower from the exhibitor's yard or garden.

OCTOBER Design Exhibit 

"Trick or Treat"

A miniature design with a Halloween theme, not to exceed 12" in height, width or depth; underlay and accessories are permitted but not required.

NOVEMBER Horticulture Exhibit


A single succulent grown in a container no larger than eight inches across inside diameter at widest portion of container. Double-potting is permitted if not conspicuous.

JANUARY Horticulture Exhibit

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

A fresh cut branch from an evergreen shrub or tree grown for the beauty of its needles, berries or cones. Maximum length 24 inches.

FEBRUARY Design Exhibit

"Love Blooms in Millsboro"

A creative line design that celebrates Valentine's Day, using fresh or dried plant material, not to exceed 18" in height, width or depth. Viewed from the front only. Underlay and one accessory permitted.

MARCH Horticulture Exhibit

"Blooming House Plant"

A single species of blooming house plant grown in a container no larger than ten inches across inside diameter at widest portion of container. Double-potting is permitted if not conspicuous.

APRIL Design Exhibit

"It's a Boy. No, it's a Girl!"

A miniature floral design that will not leave anyone guessing about the baby's gender. Design shall not exceed 10 inches in height, width or depth. Design will be exhibited on a 12" plexiglass square on top of a 13" high glass cylinder. Underlay and accessories are permitted. Have fun with this!

JUNE Design Exhibit

"Party in the Park"

A functional place setting for one to be displayed in a space 24 inches by 24 inches on a red and white checkered table cover. Exhibitor's choice of design type. Drinking vessel, plate, napkin and floral design are required.


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