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PLGC Member Events

Members are encouraged to check out events listed on the Community Events page of this website. 
The foll
owing programs will take place after a brief PLGC business meeting during our monthly general meeting. Prospective members are encouraged to attend one of our general meetings. Please RSVP to



February 2, 2023 - Flex Room Downstairs at The Landing

A Floral Design Presentation presented by Mary Noel and Carol Johnson
Master Gardeners and Members of Spade & Trowel Garden Club

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this program is to encourage an interest in floral design by demonstrating that it can be fun and easy to do for your own enjoyment, for friends and family and to celebrate any special occasion. The dynamic duo of Spade & Trowel Garden Club members Mary Noel (President) and Carol Johnson will share with us several simple floral designs that we can create with flowers from our garden or even the grocery store.



March 2, 2023 -- Flex Room Downstairs at The Landing

An Educational Presentation presented by Katie Bielicki
Delaware Department of Agriculture, Spotted Lanternfly Project Coordinator

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The spotted lanterfly is an invasive species of insect that is indigenous to parts of China. It spread invasively to Japan,, South Korea and, more recently, the United States -- including Sussex County, Delaware. These invaders cause serious damage to trees, crops and other plants. They also excrete a sugary substance that encourages the growth of black sooty mold. In fall, they lay egg masses with 30-50 eggs each. YIKES!

Katie will tell us how we can help prevent these invaders from spreading and tell us what it means to be placed under quarantine if evidence of spotted lanternflies are found in our area. 


Details regarding tickets for non-members will be posted on the community events page on or before February 1, 2023. 


April 6, 2023 - Flex Room Downstairs at The Landing

A Hands-On Project presented by Alva Hutchison
President of Gardeners by the Sea Garden Club in Bethany Beach

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Okay, we get it... you are a garden club member and you have never admitted that you don't have the time or space to create and/or maintain a garden. Or your house plants die because you tend to give them too little or too much water. If holy you could figure out how to enjoy live plants so you can throw away all those dusty plastic ones. Alva to the rescue... and you will enjoy this project even if you don't need a "rescue."

At today's meeting, you will receive all the components needed to make a small greenhouse -- also known as a terrarium in a jar -- and take it home with you to enjoy!


May 4, 2023 - A Demonstration of Aquaponic Gardening
by Cindy Stevens, Owner of Bearhole Farms

11:00 a.m., 37756 Bearhole Rd., Selbyville, DE 1997

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this program is to see for ourselves how aquaponic growing maintains and expands sustainable agricultural practices that benefit the health of our community and the environment. We will have a first-hand look at this evolving method of organic farming when we tour Bearhole Farms in nearby Selbyville.

This tour will be followed by our general meeting on-site and a box lunch brought from home. Members and guests will carpool from The Landing at 10:30 a.m. for this 11:00 program at Bearhole Farms.


June 1, 2023 


Members and guests will gather at The Landing at 10:30 a.m. for brunch and installation of new officers for the 2023-2025 term by DFGC President Ginny Cardona. Please mail your $22 for brunch and gratuities to Patricia Minnigh, PLGC Treasurer before May 19. Address is located in the Members Directory of this website.

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