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PLGC Committees 2021-2023

Plantation Lakes Garden Club committees fall into two categories: Standing Committees that conduct essential business of the club and Special Committees that oversee any project or activity that is not considered essential -- which is not to say that they are unimportant.  Some of our special committees will likely become standing committees as our club grows and we have more members who bring additional skills and interests to our club.

Committee chairs are appointed by the President and serve at the pleasure of the President unless the chairmanship is defined in PLGC Bylaws as a collateral responsibility for one of the officers. Committee chairs may be assisted by a co-chair and members of their choice, unless specified in the bylaws. 


  1. AWARDS - This committee oversees submissions for State, Regional, and National awards/grants.

  2. BYLAWS (PARLIAMENTARIAN) - This committee oversees the periodic review of Bylaws and Standing Rules and serves as an advisor to the club regarding matters of parliamentary procedure.

  3. FINANCE (TREASURER) - This Committee oversees budget preparations for the next fiscal year and manages the club's day to day finances.

  4. HISTORIAN (RECORDING SECRETARY) - This committee maintains a permanent record of the organization by saving photos and other mementos of club activities.

  5. MEMBERSHIP (SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT) - This committee acts as a liaison with prospective members, oversees the process of becoming a new member and conducts a Membership Drive periodically upon direction by the Board of Directors.

  6. NOMINATIONS (PARLIAMENTARIAN) - This committee oversees the bi-annual nominating process and proposes a slate of officers in February of odd-numbered years in accordance with the Bylaws. 

  7. PROGRAMS (FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT) - This committee plans and implements programs and activities that are educational and entertaining for club members.

  8. PROJECTS - This committee plans and implements community service and beautification projects for the club that support the objectives of our club.

  9. WAYS AND MEANS - This committee conducts fundraising activities that promote the objectives of the club and provide revenue for community service projects, donations to other organizations, and expenses approved by the Board. 




  1. BLUE-STAR MEMORIAL -- This committee coordinates all aspects of installing a Blue Star Memorial in Millsboro to honor veterans, past and present. Chaired by Margaret Woda.

  2. MAY BASKETS (A subcommittee of Projects) - This committee organizes and oversees the display of May Baskets in the community on May 1 to “beautify Plantation Lakes one front door at a time.” 

  3. MEMBER HANDBOOK -- This committee prepares an annual reference guide for garden club members, including a calendar, programs, projects, member directory, governing documents and affiliate information. 

  4. NEWSLETTER - This committee prepares the monthly PLGC newsletter and submits information and photos to the DFGC and CAR-SGC newsletters. 

  5. PHOTOGRAPHY - This committee takes photos at PLGC events and other events attended by PLGC members and maintains a permanent record of photos. 

  6. WEBSITE - This committee designs and maintains the PLGC website. 

  7. YOUTH ACTIVITIES - This committee shall be responsible for coordinating with local schools and community groups to conduct gardening related activities with children and teens. Chaired by Peggy Kircher.

    Revised 7/1/2019