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Children's Activities



Plantation Lakes Garden Club has worked tirelessly since Spring 2017 to maintain two patient gardens for the enjoyment of patients and staff at Atlantic Shore Rehab & Health Center in Millsboro. We also work one on one with patient groups to create floral designs several times a year. Since the Covid-19 situation has restricted our access to the gardens and patients this spring, we are inviting children in Plantation Lakes and the surrounding area to help us spread some cheer at Atlantic Shores by participating in "Color-a-Card." 

Two Plantation Lakes residents created a total of six original garden drawings for children to color with their choice of crayons, colored pencils or markers. Download and print one or all of the drawings for coloring, fold the paper in half and ask your child to write a message to the patient who will receive the card, and sign or write their name and age on the inside. Please drop off your card or cards at the Plantation Lakes Community Center, 29787 Plantation Lakes Boulevard, before June 25, 2020. (Please note that some of the cards feature vertical drawings and others are horizontal.)

If you have children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces or other children in your life, please encourage them to participate, even if they don't live in Plantation Lakes!

M. Woda

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